The JamFam Collective

"Collaboration through Improvisation"



The JamFam Collective grew out of a fit of frustration I had when I first moved to Boston beginning of 2016, which was "where do I meet musicians from different communities?" And this was a sentiment echoed by almost every other musician I interacted with.  So I started hosting jam session in my living room in the South End with the intention of bringing musicians from different Boston communities, of different genres, different instruments, and different playing abilities into a warm and welcoming space and work towards the greater good of creating some amazing music.

What started with five musicians playing together late into the night quickly grew and evolved! For example at one session there were two  cellists, a violinist, a flautist, 3 pianist with both classical and jazz backgrounds, two rock/jazz drummer, three singers and rappers, multiple bassists and guitarist and a classically trained tabla player, The music was SUBLIME.

But this isn't just a private happening. In the summer of 2017 The JamFam Collective were invited to provide music for the opening of the Boston sister of Nasty Women Exhibition (originally launched in New York City in January 2017.) 

If you know anyone who is interested in providing a space for JamFam, or would like us to play your event please reach out!



Successful improvisation requires everyone to constantly be listening to each other, and supporting each other's ideas.

The rules of JamFam jams are this:

1. Everyone of all backgrounds and all playing abilities are welcomed.

2. This is a judgement free zone for experimentation. 

3. 100% improvisation. No covers, no lead sheets. But stealing and sampling is fine ;)

4. Good vibes. Vibes vibes vibes.