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Raised between Boston, Massachusetts, and Seoul, Korea, Kaya Boom (real name Kaya Doran) is a music producer, composer, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, whose music is as fervent and soulful as it is eclectic.

Kaya Boom’s self-produced debut EP, “Mellow into Blue,” marks her first foray as a solo artist, and her music draws on a wide range of influences and genres, spanning from jazz to electronic to traditional Korean Pansori.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, she wrote, performed, produced and recorded “Mellow into Blue” almost entirely on her own. The album displays her diverse musical tastes and skills. With bold lyrics and lingering rhythms, the music takes listeners on a journey of discovery, reflection and redemption.

Kaya Boom debuted her project in Hong Kong's West Kowloon Cultural District music festival Freespace, has started preforming locally in Boston through Sofar Sounds.

Check out her self-produced debut  EP "Mellow into Blue" below, Available on Itunes, Spotify etc!







Quiet Echoes Music Video


Debut Performance of "Mellow into Blue" EP

at West Kowloon Cultural District music festival "Freespace Happening" in Hong Kong